Jasmeet is one of our Associate Directors and part of the Rai family, who run RCH Care Homes.

Whilst Jasmeet has a background in economics and accounting, she can often be found in our care homes, spending time with our residents and learning from them and our teams about how the business can be further improved.

Having grown up in a community where elderly people are an integral and active part of society, she loves working in the care sector. Here she is able to support teams to create happy care home communities, where elderly people are cared for with the same love and respect as the older people surrounding her as she grew up.

In her spare time, Jasmeet loves taking in the great outdoors with her two dogs, keeping active, dancing, baking, reading, watching football and listening to an eclectic mix of music from R ‘n’ B to show tunes!

Being part of a close family, she also enjoys capturing memories of their time spent together through taking lots and lots of photographs (to the point it becomes annoying!) and learning how to cook her mum’s incredible food.