Meaningful activities

At RCH, our residents are encouraged to spend their days how they want to – being supported to still enjoy the things they loved doing before living in the home.

Our devoted activities teams work closely with their care team colleagues to really get to know each resident, so we’re able to tailor engaging activities around each individual’s interests, likes and dislikes.

Whether it’s taking part in a favourite hobby or trying out something completely new, there is always something going on daily for people to enjoy, either as part of a group or on their own.

Friends and family are also always welcome to come and join in the fun, and we have a range of opportunities throughout the year where we invite our local communities into our care homes to come and take part too.

What we get up to

Below is just a flavour of the types of activities we offer in our care homes. You can view more information about what your local home has available on their dedicated pages here. You can also read more about our meaningful activities and occupation for our residents living with dementia here.

Cinema nights

Many of our homes have cinema rooms or projectors where residents are able to enjoy settling down to watch a favourite movie, complete with popcorn and refreshments.

Pub quizzes and afternoon teas

With pubs and cafés featured in many of our homes, we host quizzes and bingo afternoons. Friends and families are encouraged to join us for a game or, for something slightly more sophisticated, during our afternoon teas in our cafés with home-baked cakes and vintage china!

Gardening clubs

With beautiful landscaped and accessible gardens as a feature in many of our homes, those residents who enjoy a spot of gardening are in their element. Some of our residents also grow fresh fruit and vegetables in raised beds, which are then enjoyed over lunch or dinner.

Cookery classes

A lot of the people living in our homes have baking skills that would rival Mary Berry herself! While members of our team are always on hand to lend some elbow grease stirring the ingredients, it is lovely to see our residents sharing their knowledge with our staff. Some of our residents have even published, or are in the process of publishing, their own precious family recipes in a care home cook book, which is then being sold to raise money for charity.

Light exercise groups

Through the careful use of props and movement, people taking part in our light exercise groups can often be heard laughing as they work together to keep balloons in the air or move in time to their favourite tunes.

Arts and crafts

From pencils and paints, glitter and glue, to natural props collected from our gardens, our arts and craft sessions take on all different forms depending on our residents’ interests. You can often find their works of art proudly displayed in our care homes for all to see.


We regularly welcome singers, dancers, musicians and sometimes even people who visit with animals to pet and creepy crawlies to hold!

Day trips out

Our homes are surrounded by wonderful places to visit. Whether it’s a trip to the seaside, garden, museum or shops — we’re regularly out of the homes and taking in the local sights.

Visits from children

There is nothing lovelier than to see our residents interacting with visiting children from our care homes’ local nurseries and schools. Everyone gets so much joy from the time they spend together.

Welcoming our local communities

Joining our residents and teams during one of our events is a great way to experience life in our homes. You can find out more information about our upcoming events by contacting your local care home which can be found here.