What is respite care?

Respite care is a short-term stay in a care home and can be planned or unplanned.

Planned respite gives the person’s usual carer, often a family member or close friend, the opportunity to take a break and look after their own health and wellbeing needs. It may be that they are going on holiday, or unable to continue providing the same level of care and support for a while due to their own medical needs or hospital stay.

Unplanned respite care is often provided when the individual who needs care has had an accident or illness. Their usual carer may be unable to provide the intensive 24-hour support needed while they recover, or they might need to allow time for any additional adaptations or support packages to be put in place before the person returns home from hospital.

What is respite care like?

Respite care provides a variety of benefits for both the individual needing care, as well as their family or friend who usually provides support. It is an opportunity for everyone involved to have a break knowing that their loved one’s care and wellbeing needs are being met by our trained team in one of our safe and welcoming homes.

As with all of the residents who live with us, people on a short-term stay will have a personalised care plan that is developed in partnership with them and those closest to them. This ensures all of their care needs are met during their time with us — irrespective of whether that person needs residential care, nursing care or dementia care.

During someone’s short-term stay they will have a variety of opportunities which perhaps wouldn’t be so accessible in their own home. Companionship and social interactions with our residents and caring team are usually the main benefits people notice most, as often the person may be living alone before to coming to stay.

There will also be a wide variety of activities and events on offer for them to join in with if they want to, along with a range of home-cooked meals, carefully prepared by our in-house catering teams ensuring even the shortest of stays is a positive experience.

Respite care before a permanent move

A short-term stay can also be an option for someone to try out care home living if they or their family and friends are initially unsure whether it’s the right choice for them to live in a care home permanently. It gives people the chance to experience the care and support available as well as the companionship, activities and dining experience.

What happens next?

We understand you might be unsure about what to do next, uncertain about your options and where to go from here. The care sector can be confusing to navigate and, combined with a wide range of different emotions and pressure to find a solution, it can be difficult to know where to turn.

This is why we pride ourselves on being there to provide help and support to residents as well as their families, friends, and advocates.

Contact a member of our team at your local care home, which you can find details about on our search here, and we can have a chat about your personal circumstances and give you more information about our respite care and offers.

We’re here to help.