Selvanayagam Bhaskaran Group Finance Director

Known to us as Bhaska, he is our Group Finance Director at RCH and leads our finance team based in our central support offices in Ilford.

Bhaska has worked in finance for more than 35 years, with the last few years spent in the care sector.

He lives with his wife and two children, Arun and Aravintha, as well as Alvin the Corgi and in his spare time enjoys gardening, keeping fish and walking his dog.

With a positive outlook on life, Bhaska is known for his optimism (which is always a great quality to have as a finance person!). He is motivated and inspired by the people around him and can often be found brightening our offices with his beaming smile!

When asked about what his perfect day would look like, he explained it would include waking up feeling happy and invigorated, and enjoying life to the full with his family and friends.