What does the day in the life of your role look like?

Finance is key to any business and I need to make sure all decisions and functions are carried out in the best interests of the company and all the stakeholders.

I am responsible for overseeing and co-ordinating all the financial activities for RCH Care Homes. I work with and direct my team from Head Office and we handle all the day to day financial operations between ourselves. No two days are ever the same.

I make sure all the legal and financial obligations are met for the group on a timely manner and that we meet all the reporting deadlines internally and externally.

Crucially (and most importantly one might say) we try and ensure that the team members across our homes and services get paid on time!

Why do you love working for RCH care homes?

I have been with the RCH Group for the past 50 months. Most of my past career has been spent within the banking and industry sectors across the board.

It has been a unique experience working for the care sector for the first time with lot of regulations governing the sector. I am fortunate to learn new things every day.

Apart from the day-to-day work, it has been a pleasure working with like minded colleagues who are very supportive, knowledgeable in their respective areas and readily available to share their expertise…

What does a perfect day with your family look like?

I love being able to spend my time between my family and friends on a regular basis. I enjoy sitting in the garden with my friends and family chatting and listening to music.

I always visit friends and have get togethers from time to time with family and friends who fill in the non-working time gap.

I always enjoy the company of my childhood friends and my wife has been a pillar in my life supporting and cheering me during times and hardship and being there for me.