What is nursing care?

Our nursing suites provide people with 24-hour nursing care provided and supervised by registered nurses, as well as personal and social care — delivered by a team of skilled carers.

People who need nursing care have conditions that require regular nursing interventions which may include administering certain types of medication, taking blood and the close monitoring of vital statistics that enable early detection of changes in someone’s condition.

While still feeling homely, our nursing suites also include equipment that makes caring for residents with nursing needs safer and more comfortable for them. These include profile beds and mattresses which can be adjusted to aid care and comfort as well as various types of hoist that are available to assist people to get up and in and out of chairs — further supporting their independence.

As in all of our care homes, our teams really get to know our residents, as well as who and what is important in their lives. Equipped with this knowledge, we are able to tailor our care, activities and food to create a home and atmosphere where our residents enjoy their days doing things they love.

What is nursing dementia care?

People who require nursing dementia care have physical and psychological nursing needs and have usually been diagnosed with dementia.

We understand that physical health needs, combined with dementia, brings with it an additional layer of complexity — often causing further uncertainty and worries both for the resident and those closest to them.

Our teams provide care to all of our residents with kindness, empathy and understanding and, through their appreciation of how dementia affects different people in different ways, they are able to tailor all of their interactions and care to provide high-quality care.

You can find out more information about our thoughtful and considered approach to dementia care, which is underpinned by our partnership with a world-renowned research and education centre in dementia care here.

Is nursing care the right choice?

We understand you might be unsure about what to
do next, uncertain about your options and where to go from here. The care sector can at times be confusing to navigate and, combined with a wide range of different emotions and pressure to find a solution, it can be difficult to know where to turn.

This is why we pride ourselves on being there to provide help and support to the individual and their relatives, friends, and advocates

Contact a member of our team at your local care home, which you can find details about on our search here, and we can have a chat about your personal circumstances and next steps.

We’re here to help.