The Ladder to the Moon programme offers an innovative range of creative activities which we are proud to offer in all of our care homes.  Founded in 2001, Ladder to the Moon is an internationally recognised social enterprise company which is led by Chris Gage who was inspired to transform care after his grandmother’s’ experience of living with Dementia in a residential home.

Bill – an artist hard at work

The programme includes a monthly ‘Outstanding Activities’ box which is crammed full of surprise resources that challenge our staff and residents alike to think creatively, have fun and provide lots of smiles and laughter.

The boxes are designed to build on everyone’s abilities and interests. They are about ‘doing, trying something new and contributing’. Some people wrongly refer to these Outstanding Activities boxes as ‘memory boxes.’ Certainly, we receive plenty of feedback from our residents who are inspired to share memories as a result of something discovered in one of the boxes.

However, it is important when providing Dementia care to recognise that we don’t always need to be looking back. People don’t have to remember. We accept people as they are. We want our residents to make new memories, not just focus on their old memories.

Joan’s clever use of
puzzle pieces