Age UK is the UK’s largest charity working with older people. From offering emotional and financial advice, to enabling independence via mobility aids and exercise classes, to running befriending services to help combat loneliness in older people, Age UK covers a wide area of services.

Withens Nursing Home held an Open Week from 11th – 15th June, culminating with a summer celebration on Friday 15th June. Age UK were invited and we were pleased to see they brought a full minibus of guests with them – 15 day service users, 3 carers and a driver all turned up to make some new friends and enjoy the entertainment.

Our live entertainer had a number of residents and their new friends from Age UK up on their feet and dancing together for a long part of the day. When they needed to rest their aching feet, they reenergised themselves with lots of delicious food and home-made cakes.

One gentleman told Withens’ Home Manager, Sally Briggs, that he “had been waiting from 8:30am so the minibus didn’t leave without him, and if he had known what a good time he would have, he would have sat and waited there for 24hrs to make sure he didn’t miss it!”

Our new friends took goody bags home with them, and one of the carers noted “you would have thought we had a room full of 6-year olds giggling away and laughing. It was such a joy to see and hear”.

Sally Briggs was almost brought to tears at the end as our new friends didn’t stop waving as they drove off. Sally is currently in talks to turn this event into a monthly feature, allowing the newly made friends to see each other regularly.

If you would like to host an Age UK event in one of our homes, please contact or contact your local home directly.