Romford Care Home Receives Funding for Brand New 360º Social Ability Projector

Social Ability has teamed up with Alzheimer’s Society and Sports England to create the ultimate sensory experience for residents living with dementia and Romford Care Home is the latest of their beneficiaries. At a time when feelings of isolation are all too common, the teams have come together to ensure that the most vulnerable individuals can experience life to its fullest through interactive technology. The main goal of the projector is to bring happiness, encourage movement and improve cognitive well-being.

Residents at Romford Care Home living with restricted mobility and those who may struggle socially such as residents with dementia, can now interact with a 360 mobile projector that provides a wide range of activities which increases social experiences. This advanced technology that positively impacts residents’ lives has been equipped with some of the most interactive and engaging features that cause stimulation, encourage physical activity and create immersive experiences. With over 120 activities, there is something for everyone to get involved in. What makes the experience even better is that there are no limitations to where this projector can be used, so whether you are fully mobile or completely reclined, the social ability projector has been tailored to match your environment and personal circumstances.

The lifestyle teams have described the projector as a game-changer, noting its significant impact on how residents react to their surroundings and the staff. They have observed behavioural changes when the projector is in use; residents not only interact with it but also become more social with those around them. Whether it’s a smile, a few words, a song, or a full-blown story, the projector consistently evokes feelings of happiness and joy.

Haley, Lifestyle Lead at Romford talks about the impact the projector is having in the home.

Initially I would do room visits and try to engage with some of the nursing residents but it was quite difficult to find the appropriate activities. Being introduced to the social ability projector has been a lifesaver, because you project onto the wall, onto their bed sheets, the floor and even the ceiling. Somebody laying flat can be looking up at stars, bubbles bursting, a waterfall, anything that’s relaxing and even activities that encourage movement such as eye and hand coordination, whereas before we might not have been able to get that person engaged at all. I love the fact that you can take it to the different rooms and see it light up people’s lives. Things that haven’t worked before, the social ability projector has”.

This incredible projector not only ties in with the Romford Care Home’s strive to create an inclusive environment for residents but also in looking after their physical and emotional well-being. Social Ability’s case study with Bupa reveals that there have been incredible benefits for residents living with dementia such as reducing reliance on anti-psychotic drug use, increasing weight gain and reducing falls. The 360 projector is a well-encompassed tool designed to support all areas of interaction.
We are thrilled about our collaboration with Social Ability and look forward to seeing the projector used in more RCH homes, creating an even greater impact.

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