Queens Court Care Home Residents Day out to St Albans

Residents of Queens Court Care Home  fastened their seat belts and headed for a historical journey to the enchanting St Albans. Situated in Hertfordshire, this remarkable Cathedral city hosts centuries-old buildings, medieval wall paintings, and museums showcasing artefacts from its Roman heritage. The city has outstanding landmarks, superb shopping destinations, and restaurants serving delicious food. Everyone eagerly prepared for the long-awaited journey and when the day finally arrived, they were filled with glee and anticipation.

A coach was hired and Lifestyle Lead Liza, along with volunteers and family members were all aboard to ensure the trip was smooth sailing. As the coach set off, all were treated to breath-taking views of lush greenery, charming country homes, and quaint farmhouses painting a picturesque scene right from their seats. Residents had time to soak up the amazing scenery before arriving at their final destination.

Upon their arrival the group made their first stop at the Cathedral and took a moment to marvel at the magnificent exterior with its grand appearance and ancient look retaining an echo of the past, everyone was in awe and for some, they experienced a much deeper connection. Moments like these can evoke a mixture of emotions, Sometimes, it’s that feeling of nostalgia that brings forth a flood of happy memories.

Inside the cathedral was no different except the beauty surpassed expectations. The tall pillars, high ceilings and stained-glass windows were mesmerising. Residents were in for an even bigger surprise with a great performance by students from Purcell School played a beautiful musical piece that had everyone captivated. After the entertainment, the group headed to Abbots Kitchen for a delicious lunch of sandwiches and sponge cakes washed down with refreshing drinks and tea and coffee.

Lifestyle Lead Liza who organised the trip, was very pleased with the outcome. “This is the first time that we’ve been to St Alban’s, which was the destination requested by the residents, so you can imagine we’ve been very excited about it. It was an amazing day out and all the residents had a swell time and enjoyed every aspect. We had a great team, the volunteers were fantastic and the coach driver was brilliant. I really can’t wait for the next one!”

Family members who attended were also very happy with how the trip went and took the time to express their gratitude to the team.

We look forward to seeing more of these trips at Queens Court Care Home. It is amazing to see person-centred care going beyond the walls of the facility and residents being encouraged to create beautiful memories in beautiful places.

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