Last year when Mary Gallagher moved into Orchard House Care Home in Wisbech from hospital she had just turned 100 years of age, not the ideal place to celebrate reaching such a milestone.

When the dedicated team at the Nursing, Dementia and Residential home discovered how Mary had celebrated her birthday, that her family were unable to celebrate

together and they’d had to settle for a very limited celebration, they knew they needed to put things right and plan a family celebration that reflected the momentous occasion of Mary reaching 101 years of age!

The home’s Manager Sarah Watson brought the team together to ensure that Mary and her family celebrated in style, “We are, first and foremost a family at Orchard House Care Home, everybody wants to get involved when we arrange these types of events and there was no shortage of volunteers wanting to make Mary’s day special’.

On the day of Mary’s Birthday her children and grandchildren all waited patiently in the specially decorated cinema room for Mary to arrive.

Unaware that her family were all downstairs for the first time since her 99th birthday, Mary enjoyed getting ready for what she thought was a small birthday afternoon tea!

The team were hardly able to contain themselves as they kept the surprise from Mary and it wasn’t until Mary made her grand entrance that she realised her surprise.

On entering the room and seeing all of her family gathered for the first time in two years, Mary was overwhelmed with emotions. Surprised and delighted to see everyone together, Mary couldn’t believe what she was seeing, “You did all of this for me? Thank you!”

When it came to the party’s other surprise, the Birthday Cake, the home’s Chef Sophie, had decorated the hand-made cake with miniature Police officers, as a nod to Mary’s career in the police force, “It was well worth all of the time and attention to detail to see Mary’s face when the cake was presented to her”.Patricia Hatton Mary’s daughter, summed up how the family felt and how grateful they were, “I can’t thank everyone enough for organising today and making Mum’s Birthday so special. She has landed on her feet here at Orchard House and we all couldn’t be happier”.