With the colder weather approaching and the ever uncertain and changing landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic, RCH Care Homes wanted to make sure that they moved towards a resolution for the reassurance and wellbeing of their residents and their loved ones.

At a time when those with loved ones in care homes across England are wondering how they are going to spend time with their loved ones safely over the coming days, weeks and even months, the family-run care provider has started to put into action a plan to bring back some sense of normality.
During September, RCH started installing the Day Lodges and Visitor Pods for their residents and their loved ones to reunite and spend quality time together in a safe and comfortable environment.

The eagerly anticipated arrival of the new Day Lodges from Edison & Day® are specifically designed to create a safe space for their residents to meet their loved ones without putting each other at risk.

The lodges give residents and their families the peace-of-mind that it’s a clean and safe environment thanks to the Automatic Sanitisation System that’s guaranteed to kill 99.9% off all germs, including the Coronavirus (as stated by Edison & Day®). Other important safety features include separate entrances for residents and visitors, and a plexiglass room divider. It also has the added benefit of heating and air-conditioning so, whatever the weather, everyone can enjoy their visit in comfort.

Both the Day Lodges and Visiting Pods are comfortable, bright and spacious facilities that have been beautifully furnished and decorated for maximum comfort, creating a peaceful and homely atmosphere for safe visitation; enabling residents to spend time with their loved ones whilst adhering to Government and Public Health Guidelines.
They are the perfect place to allow them to spend quality time together, worry free.

Tracy, Customer Relations Manager from Romford Nursing Care Centre spoke about being the first Care Centre in Havering to have a facility like the Day Lodge, “It gives us an amazing opportunity to highlight the importance of keeping families connected through this continued pandemic. There has been a huge concern over the last few weeks as the weather has started to turn and the nights are drawing in that we would not be able to continue to offer garden visits for much longer, so to be able to share the launching of this great facility with our residents and their families means this will no longer be an issue. The response we have had so far has been amazing and families have all been very eager to get their slot booked in. We are looking forward to arranging special visits and reunions over the coming weeks, and are especially glad that the Day Lodge will allow for visits to continue comfortably regardless of how cold it gets in winter.”

Romford Nursing Care Centre Manager Arnold, spoke about the excitement and intrigue the arrival of the Day Lodges had caused, “This has been a very exciting venture physically seeing the lodge delivered and knowing that this will truly enhance the visits for the families and residents throughout the winter months. The innovative design means that we can ensure the health and safety of not only the residents, but also their families and our staff.
I have a passion for maintaining individuality, family values and lifting the spirits of not only the residents but that of their families as well. These lodges have given us the opportunity to continue to enhance the physiological wellbeing of our residents and equally that of their families by being able to continue with face-to-face contact.”

Where the grounds of the homes don’t have the substantial capacity that is needed for one of the day lodges or visiting pods, RCH Care Homes’ Director of Quality Angela Gibson reaffirmed the family driven care provider’s commitment to providing safe visiting for everyone, “The arrival of the state of the art facilities at some of our homes shows our commitment to keeping families together throughout these challenging times. Moving forward, we are looking at other innovative designs and ideas for those services with restricted space to enable our residents to stay connected with their families and loved ones”.