RCH Chefs Get Creative at Billingsgate Fish Market

As dawn broke over the city, our group of passionate chefs embarked on an unforgettable adventure to Billingsgate Fish Market, eager to witness the vibrant atmosphere and endless options of seafood delight it had to offer. The ambience was filled with the hustle and bustle of eager customers and the lively banter of the well-known fishmongers. Each stall boasted a colourful display of the freshest catch of the day, igniting the chefs’ culinary imaginations.

RCH chefs were in for a treat at the Billingsgate Chef Development Day. Guided by CJ Jackson, the Creative Consultant extraordinaire, she led the crew on an eye-opening tour through the seafood paradise, dishing out insider tips on different fish types and how to select the freshest ones. CJ also showed her amazing cutting skills and demonstrated the best ways to skin some of those favourite fishes.
The team had the opportunity to learn from Jamie Clews, the Key Account Manager at Robot-Coupe, who wowed everyone with an awesome presentation on cool ways to get creative with food, from whipping up unique dishes to crafting mouth-watering beverages. Jamie spoke on the importance of utilising every part of the ingredients we use in our cooking. For instance, rather than discarding vegetable and potato peelings, herb stalks, and fruit skins, Jamie suggested repurposing them into delicious treats. Even the tops and tails of fruits can be utilised to infuse sauces and juices with extra flavour, simply by blending and straining out any unwanted sediment.

The chefs wasted no time getting into action in the kitchen, putting their skills to the test and whipping up some delicious fish dishes. Matt from Woodlands Care Centre and Verne from Manton Heights ABI clinched the victory in the Ready, Steady, Cook competition with their outstanding presentation and flavoursome fish dishes.

Our Group Executive Chef, Oliver Clothier, is spearheading these development sessions that go beyond culinary workshops. They’re opening doors to a realm of personalised dishes and ground-breaking dining experiences that exceed expectations. By breaking free from traditional care home cuisine, RCH is redefining culinary excellence in the industry.
Our mission is to embark on captivating journeys, discovering fresh pathways to enrich the lives of residents and our Chef Development Days serve as pivotal moments, focusing on innovation and the well-being of residents.

Oliver reflected on the reasons for the development days, “I feel that we, as a group, are starting to embed the family of RCH and have managed to build strong working relationships with each other which can provide additional support. The RCH chefs show how Care home reputations are not justified and that they are all committed to delivering the very best to the residents.”

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