Romford Care Home celebrated the Harvest Moon by hosting a food donation drive for their local food bank.

Residents and staff at the Nursing, Dementia and Residential home in Neave Crescent wanted to give back to their local community, especially after the support they have received over the last 19 months.

What many forget is that for some of the generations living in care homes, this is not the first time that some of them have lived through challenging times and that they have an undeniably robust and steely spirit.

What was always important during those times was the sense of community, where one would always look out for their neighbours and offer help to those who needed it.

~ “I think it’s wonderful that people have donated food to those who are struggling during these times. I remember doing the same over the years” – Eva Bayliss, Resident ~

It was during a discussion over the daily papers that the residents, who some remembered the rationing and food shortages that Britain experienced in the years during and after WWII, expressed a desire to help their local community through donating to their local food bank.  “I have been so overwhelmed by the amount of donations that we have received from all the resident’s families and staff. I cannot thank everyone enough. These donations will help so many local families to feed their children in these challenging times” – Hayley Sullivan, Lifestyle Coordinator

During September, resident’s family, friends and staff donated various foods and other products, at one point a new container had to be found to contain the growing mountain of goods, which almost double with a further donation from RCH Care Homes.

The last 18 months has been challenging for everyone but to know that the family and friends of Romford Care Home have come together to help families in need makes me very proud. We really do have a great community spirit in Harold Hill and its lovely to know that we have people around us that will always pull together” – Tracy Smith, Customer Relations Manager.

Once all of the donations were collected, Hayley and Tracy filled the boot of a car and delivered the donations to Harold Hill Food Back.  “Thank you so much for your kind donation. The past few months have tested us all, but to know we have such a strong community spirit is very comforting. Families find it’s very hard to come to us for help and very often we are a last resort and they are literally down to empty cupboards, so with donations like this we can make sure that when they do ask for help, we are able to assist with everything they need” – Mark, Harold Hill Food Bank.