Food Glorious Food!

It’s the heart of our home, but this doesn’t stop at the beautiful tasty dishes served each day to those we care for, there is so much more to a dining experience at Brentwood Care Centre.

Eating well is not just about nutrition and a balanced diet, it’s about how the environment, the taste and smell of the food, the atmosphere and the company make you feel.

Meals are served in one of our homely and comfortable dining rooms, in our modern and stylish bistro, alfresco in the garden, as food on the go or there’s a room dining service, whichever you prefer.  Offering different options at every meal service ensures choices and preferences are yours to make, catering for specialised dietary needs and a range of palates.


With people in our care helping direct and build our menus we deliver a wide range of meals and snacks. Torie Pollard, General Manager supports the individual person-centred approach “Our team work with each person to ensure positive experiences each and every day, nutrition and hydration will always remain an important part of the support we offer, as this supports both physical and mental well-being of those we care for.”