July 16th, 2018

This is a very well-managed care home that feels more like a home than an institution. I saw several before deciding where my mother should go, and this was certainly the best. The atmosphere is calm and relaxed, the building is maintained to a high standard and the gardens pleasant to stroll around. Above all, the staff are professional, attentive and friendly. Many staff have been there for a long time, which is a good sign. They quickly got to know my mother, helped her to settle in and feel comfortable. I feel confident she is in good hands. It is a relief not to have to worry anymore. Most importantly, I could immediately tell my mother was happy there; she has never once mentioned moving back to her house. It’s big, but divided into smaller units each with its own dedicated team of staff, so it doesn’t feel big. Naturally, lots of people with different needs all together in one place is never easy, but I would say Woodlands Care Centre offers the highest levels of care and comfort possible.