July 16th, 2018

I cannot praise the staff at Park View highly enough. My Dad was there for 18 months, and during the first 8 months our Mum was still alive, and she visited daily, often being asked to stay for refreshments etc. so that they were still treated as a couple. After she passed away, the nurses, cleaning staff all did their very best to bridge the gap in his loss. All the staff were very patient with him when he couldn’t understand where our Mum was and why she wasn’t visiting. Their care and devotion during his final days surpassed anything we could have expected and allowed our Dad to spend his last days in what had become his home. We often would hear the nurses speaking to him with affection and always with respect so that he maintained a dignity even in his passing.
The nurses were kindness itself to his family were always on hand to give us sympathy and understanding, they supported us during a very difficult time. God Bless.