Arnold Pariag

Arnold Pariag is the Home Manager of Romford Care Home

I Joined Romford Nursing Care Centre in June 2019. Having moved from the Caribbean 33 years ago I started RMN training in Barnet. I have a MSc in Mental Health, Community Specialism, Registered Specialist Practitioner and a diploma in Dementia Care.

I was instrumental in setting up Admiral Nurse Services in Haringey and also setting up and managing Memory Assessment Services from referrals through to diagnostics. Since transferring to the Essex area I have been delivering teaching and training on MCA/DOLs, MCA, depression and mental health.

Having commenced with the private sector almost 2 years ago I feel my background and knowledge working my entire life within Older Adult Mental Health Services gives me a greater understanding of the needs and wellbeing of our residents. I am committed to my role from both a Managerial and Clinical stance.

I have a huge passion for delivering the best care and wellbeing setting possible and always encourage my team to strive to be the best they can be.
I love running as a pastime and feel it gives me the opportunity to reflect on the day and prepare for the next.