RCH Care Homes Remembering 80th D-Day Anniversary

Thursday, 6th June, marked the 80th anniversary of the Normandy Landings, with major commemorations and events taking place across the UK and France. Homes across RCH also paid tribute to this day in special ways, bringing the community together to honour the bravery of past heroes and their sacrifices.

It was a remarkable day for residents and many could remember it so vividly. Some were teenagers and others at a slightly younger and tender age. As they witnessed the lighting of their local beacons, either on television or in person, it evoked many emotions as they stepped back into a moment of reminiscence.

Orchard House Care Home residents and team members attended the ceremony in Wisbech Park where the cadets played some well-known tunes and others joined in.

For residents, it felt like it was only yesterday when they heard the same music and the words of Winston Churchill being played in the background; those same powerful words were spoken on their radios while they listened keenly with hope on the 4th of June 1940. Once again, they relive that moment and it was truly emotional.

Miranda, Lifestyle Lead at Orchard House Care Home shared, ‘It was a very important day for residents and that they felt very welcomed by the community and very much a part of the ceremony.’

At Brentwood Care Centre, residents shed a few tears while watching the 40’s show performance of entertainer Cheryl. They held their flags and waved them from side to side as Cheryl sang in her cadet costume.

Other Homes like Romford Care Home honoured the day by inviting a Revered to hold a service with the residents and Manton Heights Care Centre had a D-Day-themed BBQ. They were joined by the British Legion who commemorated the day with them and indulged in a delightful BBQ afterwards.

Days like D-Day hold a special place in the hearts of residents and the teams go the extra mile to make sure they are commemorated with the respect and honour they deserve. Whether the events take place outside the home or inside, the most important thing is that residents can be part of these special days.

Sally, Brentwood Care Centre Lifestyle Lead stated, “It was a lovely day very emotional, the residents shed a few tears and were very patriotic. The feedback from residents, families and friends has also been wonderful.”

We look forward to more days, where the teams continue to support residents and the community in creating wonderful memories on these special occasions.

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