Queens Court Care Home Embraces Namaste Care With New Facility

The word Namaste got its roots in Hindu culture, coming from the words “namaskār” and “namaskāram,” which translates to “I bow to you.”

It’s often used as a greeting to show respect to others, and over time, it’s taken on different meanings. One of the most popular interpretations is “The light in me honours the light in you”.

Within Social Care practises the meaning behind Namaste has become part of Namaste Care, which focuses on changing the approaches and structure of care given to residents at the later stages of their life.

Namaste Care is about ‘honouring the spirit within’, connecting with a persons feelings and emotions, approaching care in a holistic manor which honours their mind body and soul.

At RCH Care Homes, our Namaste Care can be delivered anywhere which benefits the person receiving it, we also have Namaste Therapy Rooms where our trained teams can support this holistic approach to care.

In our tranquil Namaste Rooms or Nooks, residents are honoured and respected, fostering a connection that goes beyond physical interaction.

We believe in creating a space where residents can just be themselves and feel special and cared for. These moments of serenity and connection allow residents to retreat into their own space, whether reminiscing, experiencing a gentle therapeutic touch, or simply relaxing.

Queens Court Care Home has fully embraced the power of Namaste Care, utilising its dedicated Namaste room to provide residents with enriching experiences. Through weekly therapy sessions, residents are immersed in a world of aromatherapy, soothing music, and holistic treatments like Reiki and Yoga.

Their skilled therapists provide personalised care, fostering moments of peace and engagement, particularly for those with Dementia. These sessions are nothing short of magical, offering residents a chance to escape from their surroundings and connect in meaningful ways.

This year team members from each of the RCH Essex homes took part in a Namaste Care Training Programme supported through Essex County Council.

Queens Court’s award wining Lifestyle Lead Liza, who completed her training earlier in the year shared the added benefits it has brought to the home.

“After doing the training I realised there will be so many residents who are going to benefit from this. I witnessed that every time they were having their therapy. Going into the Namaste Therapy Room really changes their lives, even if it means they are calm or tranquil for half an hour or an hour; it really makes a difference. The Namaste is vital for them, especially with the challenges that they face on a daily basis, but it’s wonderful to see them have a moment of peace. We talk about my cats and they also discuss their family and friends, which is something they don’t normally do. It makes me feel so lucky that I can reach out to residents and provide them an hour of peace and the fact that I’m trained makes it amazing. It’s not just for residents with dementia but it’s open to all residents and it’s somewhere they can come and let loose. It also looks different from your typical care home setting.”


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