Romford Care Centre has completed its second phase Dementia friendly living area, called ‘Rom Valley’.

Back in February 2017 Romford Care Centre launched a vibrant and fresh Dementia living area called ‘’Amy’s Park”, designed to give older people greater independence and happy living for their years ahead.

Due to its amazing success, our home has opened another exciting opportunity to deliver the best Dementia care in Romford.

‘Rom Valley’ will serve residents, families and the local community for many years to come.

Dementia Specialist, Jane Hare said: “I am living the dream! The team at Romford Care Centre knew there was a need to create a Dementia friendly home in Romford and because we believe in the core values of excellent Dementia care it was so exciting to create an environment where our residents are living the life they deserve.

“I feel very humble and privileged.  It is our residents’ home and I have the pleasure to join them every day by delivering the best Dementia, person-centred care for miles around.”

Lisa Dolling, Senior Activity Co-ordinator at Romford Care Centre, who recently joined the team, said: “We are a family, a positive team who welcome not just our residents but their family and friends to help us understand what is important to the residents’ lives. I feel I am alive again, my role as Senior Activity Co-ordinator gives me a sense of belonging, something I had never experienced before.”

With nostalgia corners, residents are able to participate in one-to-one reminiscence therapy.  The environment has been designed in order to enable and promote the independence of living with Dementia, with the individuality of the person taking precedence over everything – even the resident’s own room door can be personalised to improve their orientation, recognition and encouragement of being “at home” with particular colours and door numbers.

Meal times are geared around enabling residents to eat independently, foods they like and also to enjoy this social experience. Dining crockery and cutlery is coloured and arranged so as to encourage people living with Dementia to clearly see their meals and promote a positive meal time experience.

Social opportunities are designed to be person-centred and accessible by people living with Dementia.  With a wide and varied activity programme, residents need never feel lonely or isolated.

Dementia Specialist, Jane Hare said: “As the population gets older, more people are living with Dementia and due to the successful launch of ‘Amy’s Park’ in February this year we have seen high demand to open our doors to phase two, ‘Rom Valley’.  Our trained staff provide specialist care, enabling older people to enjoy independence and lead a fulfilled life.

“This is a very exciting time for our team and we invite everyone who would like to see the community for themselves”.

For more information about Rom Valley and a warm welcome, please contact us.

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