Specialist care and support

nursing-careWe recognise that some of our residents have long term health conditions that require specialist care or may, at some point in the future, need additional support.

Our Nursing care services mean that for those individuals who have more complex care needs, there is a 24-hours a day nurse on hand to provide assistance and planned interventions at a convenient time. This may come in the form of administering medication, drawing blood, giving IV’s and also general monitoring to keep a close eye on the health of your loved one, by looking out for vital signs of concern.

The additional benefit of having a nurse available at all times is that they are better trained to recognize the symptoms and changes in an individual’s behavior and well-being, and thus more qualified to decide on whether to call for a doctor or alternate healthcare professional, meaning that your loved one is always in good hands, and any other assistance they need is picked up at the earliest opportunity.

The approach we have at RCH is to be truly person-centred, and thus with the use of personalized care plans drawn up with the help of families, we ensure that our nursing care allows every individual we look after to be given the highest standards of care assistance, and also for their own lives to be led in an independent and fulfilled way.

At RCH, many of our homes have facilities including independent living apartments which are able to cater for the specific needs of residents with:

  • Physical disabilities
  • Neurological rehabilitation needs
  • Dementia related illnesses
  • Palliative care needs

We are able to provide a safe and secure environment with the same high standard of facilities and personal care.

Our friendly and caring team of specialists encourage independence and freedom of choice and our focus is on dignity of care and the promotion of self-esteem amongst all of our residents.

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