Making Memories Matter - Getting to know you through your Life Story

activities2Life Stories are important for our residents because they feel valued, it promotes self-esteem and allows them to retain a sense of individuality & identity.

Life Stories are important for relatives because it gives them peace of mind that other people have a sense of knowing their loved one who can be seen and remembered as a person. It can also be helpful as a point of reflection and conversation with a loved one.

Life Stories are important for staff because we get to know our residents better, it aids communication, helps us understand behaviour and means we can tailor care to a person’s individual needs and preferences.

Creating and Enabling Dementia Friendly Environments

Our Homes are all working towards creating environments which will create life skill areas which will provide opportunities for individuals to be meaningfully occupied.

We will support and encourage residents to take part in a variety of activities which they enjoy and the opportunity to try some new things!

Sensory items such as sensory blankets, cushions and twiddle muffs will be available for those residents who gain comfort from these.

Engaging & Meaningful Approaches to Care

We aim to provide person-centred care which is based on each individual’s life story and reflects their preferences and their choices.

We will engage with our residents in a number of different ways to ensure positive social interactions – our Homes will offer a variety of person centred approaches which are relevant to the people who we are supporting. This may include - Namaste, Ladder to the Moon activities, Pet Therapy and Cognitive Stimulation Therapy.

A Positive Mealtime Experience

People have the opportunity to enjoy a mealtime that is a pleasant and sociable occasion with good food and good company.

We strive to ensure that the mealtime experience is the highlight of the resident’s day whether they prefer that to be a private or a social occasion.

To achieve this we support families and relatives to eat and enjoy mealtimes together and enable individuals to eat well through the choices we offer regardless of the type of diet they require. We aim to ensure that mealtimes are protected from interruption to enhance the dining experience and support our staff through training to assist residents to eat with dignity.


We encourage all of our staff to register to become a Dementia Friend with the Alzheimer’s Society.

We also provide the training required to ensure our staff have an appropriate level of knowledge to enable them to support our residents in a person centred way which understands their needs.

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