What is the key to creating a happy living experience in a care home? At RCH, we believe that each and every resident who comes to live with us, should be treated as an individual.

activities1This means finding out about their likes and dislikes, activities they enjoy and any interests they have which we can encourage them to participate in.

When residents first arrive at a care home it is natural for them to feel a little reticent or shy. After all, they may have been living alone or been isolated for some time, so it’s not helpful to suddenly be thrust into a communal environment which may at first seem strange or confusing.

We take time to allow each person to adjust to their new environment. If at first they feel more comfortable taking meals in their own room, for example, that’s fine by us – we’re happy to provide room service!

activities2However, with gentle encouragement, we find that our new residents relish the opportunity to meet new people, to get to know other residents and, participate in an activity or two.

Whether it be a board game or a cookery class, gardening or an arts and crafts session, there’s something to suit everyone. And if there’s a new or unusual activity that our residents fancy trying, we’ll make sure it’s included on the programme.

Studies show that residents who get involved with activities feel integrated within the community and part of a team. There has even been research which suggests that person-centred activities reduce dependency, depression and even falls.

Whatever the psychologists and scientists may say about the positive psychological and physical benefits of participating in activities, our staff know the simple truth; that laughter and smiles make for a happy home!

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