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Life with RCH

We have a vision, one which we are driven to making a reality for each and every resident, each and every day.

Our vision is to create homes and teams which together, enable our residents to wake up in the morning looking forward to the day ahead, and go to bed at night feeling happy, loved and contented having had a great day.

Supported by a strong and experienced senior team, our care home teams really get to know our residents and the people who are most important in their lives. These close bonds ensure our team members can provide high-quality and personalised care that would be fit for their own precious family members.

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Our care homes

We have ten care homes across the east and south east of England which provide a variety of different care and support to our residents.

Since our first care home opened in 1991, we have been dedicated to creating homes where our residents feel safe, secure and happy in their surroundings.

And, whilst we never underestimate the value of our kind and caring team members in achieving this aim, we also appreciate the importance of our buildings and how we must continue to invest in them to ensure they remain places we are all proud of.

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Types of care

We understand sometimes it can be difficult to know whether your loved one’s care needs can be met by a particular care home.

With this in mind, we have dedicated an area of our website to give you an overview of the different types of care and how we approach each one at RCH.

You can find more information here about residential care, residential dementia care, nursing care, nursing dementia care, intermediate care, respite care and end of life care.

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A special thank you

We would like to give a special thank you to all of our residents, team members and families who joined us during our photoshoots to gather photographs for our website and brochures.

We really enjoyed the time we spent with them and, from all of the laughs we had and smiley faces we saw on our visits, we think they enjoyed having their photographs taken too!

Please take a look around our website - we hope you enjoy seeing how our residents spend their days with us.

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