Centenary Milestones

Everyone loves a good birthday celebration, and they all love a 100th birthday celebration even more. Two of our residents joined the exclusive centenary club recently, and we’d like to wish a warm Happy 100th Birthday to both Cathy Wheeler and Doris Young who turned 100 on 1st June and 30th June 2018 respectively.

They say we get better with age, and so these lovely ladies must be nearly perfect!

Cathy Wheeler
Brentwood Care Centre
1st June 2018

Cathy Wheeler

Cathy’s daughter visited her on 1st June when Brentwood threw her a big birthday party, and Cathy had a stream of visitors all day to celebrate her big day.

Doris Young
Manton Heights Care Centre
30th June 2018


Doris’ grandson Rob took her out for a celebratory meal on the day itself, and Manton Heights threw a big birthday bash for her on Tuesday 3rd July.

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