What does the day in the life of your role look like?

In RCH we take a one team approach when it comes to supporting Residents to eat and drink well for their physical, mental health and wellbeing. Whilst my day job is to take the lead on food and beverage operating standards & procedures, Residents eating well is everyone’s business.

There are challenging nutrition and regulatory standards to meet but delivering great food is simple when we position it at the heart of a care home. The best food happens in a care home, like in any home, when its provided from the heart, because eating well is not just about a balanced diet and healthy weight, its about the emotion, the sensory factors which stimulate the appetite and our enjoyment of food.

As lead on hospitality quality and service my day is spent seeking out and promoting our best practices and working on ways to improve. This involves collaborating with many stakeholders and suppliers, working with strategic partners to address the challenges.

A priority is to ensure the team don’t just have the skills and the tools they need to do the job effectively but that they share knowledge with each other. Our colleagues have a vast wealth of skills, emotional intelligence, dedication and talent. Everyday, when I’m coaching people in the team, I’m also sharing something I learnt the day before from another colleague or resident.
In this job you don’t just learn something new everyday, you are tested to learn something new about yourself everyday!

There’s no better feeling of achievement than supporting a Resident to eat well, even if it’s just a little snack. I call it a MASH moment…. When you ‘make a smile happen’.
So my favourite bit is making time for just being with residents in their shoes, or more often their slippers!

Why do you love working for RCH care homes?

My favourite thing about working for RCH is that it’s a family-owned care operator which is underpinned by the values of being respectful, caring and honest.  

I feel that RCH Care Homes is very supportive and I feel empowered to ask questions that I don’t necessarily know the answers to. At the same time, I like to support my colleagues if they need support with my expertise.

I have a passion for premium food quality and a hotelier standard of service. The whole team has a shared ambition to have the best food and beverage offer. At every level, there is trust that we all want the best outcomes for Residents and that ‘spirit of continuous improvement’.  

I’m very proud to be part of a management team at RCH that not only values and invests in the skills and expertise of the team, and recognises the fantastic job they do every day

What does a perfect day with your family look like?

A perfect day off with my family and friends would start without an argument about who is supposed to be organising things and why someone’s always late! 

My family and friends are an alternative bunch and all busy. A day off with them is like herding cats. It could involve anything from open water swimming to watching the dawn come up at a solstice festival to a master class on Italian Renaissance painters or a ride out on our motorbikes.

We all love our food, music, art and anything shiny on 2 wheels. Several of us live by the beach so a perfect day off for us might involve hiking with the dogs, a long lunch with wine and then live music on the pier at night.