July 6th, 2017

“To all staff at Queens Court Nursing Home… I will never be able to find the right words or expressions to describe the thanks I owe to you all. The care and kindness you have shown in looking after my wife ensured that she was not in pain, was as comfortable as her illness allowed and that she suffered as little stress as possible. You treated her as a person with feelings, emotions and needs of companionship and made Queens Court a home that she recognised and felt safe in.

You allowed me to become your friend and you offered me so many kindnesses over the years that I looked upon Queens Court as my home as well as my wife’s.

I refer to ‘all of the staff’ as everyone who works in a nursing home is an essential part of the support given to residents; it is not only the nurses and carers who are the most visible, but the cleaners, maintenance team, the laundry staff, the admin office and the kitchen staff, plus the managers. Queen’s Court has an excellent team of staff – my thanks to you all.”