June 16th, 2017

We have witnessed close up the incredible level of compassion that the people at Woodlands Care Home, Cambridge showed to my mum.

The carers, the nursing staff, the social events staff, the administration, everyone associated with the residents – they all showed superb levels of professionalism combined with empathy, kindness and humour.

They always knew that Irene was more than just a patient or a collection of symptoms of a terribly-debilitating disease.

They understood that she had a life, a history, a family before and outside of Woodlands. They kept her safe, comforted her, enabled her to maintain her dignity and let her express her frustrations and her sense of humour.

As her family, we were also made to feel so welcome. Her carers have become our friends – friends who we willingly trusted to take good care of the most valuable and yet vulnerable person in our lives.

We will always be grateful to everyone at Woodlands for everything they did for Irene and our family. They have touched our lives in the most special way.