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Acquired brain injury

Care for People with Acquired Brain Injury

At Ranc we provide specialist residential care for people with acquired brain injury (ABI). With specialist facilities, modern equipment and a team of highly-trained staff we are able to care for a wide range of disabilities and needs. We ensure that our residents are comfortable and well cared for in a friendly and supportive environment.

What is acquired brain injury?

Acquired brain injury refers to any type of brain damage that occurs after birth. It can include damage caused by infection, disease, lack of oxygen or a blow to the head. The specific symptoms or loss of function depends on which area of the brain is affected.

People with acquired brain injury may find that it becomes difficult to process information, plan or solve problems. They may experience changes to their behaviour and personality, physical and sensory abilities, or thinking and learning.

If you’re struggling to care for someone with acquired brain injury, we can help. The long-term effects of acquired brain injury can be difficult to predict and will be different for each person which is why specialist, residential care is often the best choice.

The homes within our group that provide care for people with acquired brain injuries are:

Paying for Care

There are various options when it comes to paying for nursing care and your local council may be able to pay for all or part of your fees depending on your own personal situation.

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We understand that choosing the right care home is an extremely important decision. That’s why we’re on hand to answer any questions you may have. Please click on the home of your choice from the list above to contact the home directly or complete our enquiry form and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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