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About our dementia-friendly residential care homes: Romford Nursing Care Centre, Essex

Romford Nursing Care Centre in Harold Hill, Romford, Essex, specialises in high quality dementia-friendly care and nursing dementia care, delivered alongside services for frail older people.

Daily life

Our home provides a welcoming environment in which residents with dementia are able to live with dignity and comfort. We recognise that alongside individual physical and emotional care needs, each person has their own unique preferences about the way they want to lead their life, so it is their decisions that shape their day-to-day routines, including the time they get up or go to bed and the clothes they wear.

Each resident is linked with a carer who develops a detailed knowledge of their life history and interests. The insight and understanding this gives further enables us to design activities around their interests and we provide a variety of opportunities for residents to enjoy social activities, hobbies and leisure interests.

Our social activity organisers arrange various activities including movement to music sessions, singalongs, games, craft and art sessions, baking and bingo and we also support residents who wish to practice their chosen faith. Our residents’ group meets regularly to discuss a range of topics, including activities within the home.

Meal times offer an excellent opportunity for residents to socialise in our dining room but we understand that not everyone always wants to eat with others and if someone prefers to eat in their own room, we can arrange this.

Health care

Wherever possible, we involve our dementia clients in drawing up their personal care plan and we also consult family members where appropriate. Residents are able to continue to see their own GP where practical or register with our own GP, who visits the home regularly and on request. We can also arrange visits to other health professionals, such as an optician, dentist or physiotherapist, as required.

Good food adds interest and enjoyment to everyone’s life while a balanced diet plays an important part in maintaining someone’s overall health and well-being. We provide meals that are both tasty and nutritious and can cater for special diets, including cultural and faith-based diets. We will also involve our chef, dietician, the resident and family members to ensure nutritional needs and personal preferences are met.

Inside Romford Nursing Care Centre

Romford Nursing Care Centre is first and foremost home to our residents so each individual room provides a comfortable, private space, combining attractive furnishings with modern facilities including an adjustable bed, a nurse call system and a television aerial loop, with Freeview TV available in the home. Residents can have a phone installed in their room or use their own mobile phone.

The home has been built with our residents’ mobility needs in mind, so is fully wheelchair accessible with lift access between floors. Communal areas include comfortable lounges and dining rooms where residents can socialise or just relax. Visitors, including young children, are welcome at any time and can meet with residents in the lounge and reception area and we also have facilities for visitors to stay overnight.

Situated in Harold Hill, Essex, we are easy to reach by road via the A12 and M25. We have easy access to a good public transport network of buses and trains and nearby amenities include shops, pubs and restaurants.

For more information about our dementia-friendly residential care services in Essex and Kent, please contact us or complete our enquiry form.

For more information about our dementia-friendly residential care services in Essex and Kent, please contact us or complete our enquiry form.

Romford Nursing Care Centre
107 Neave Crescent
Harold Hill

E: romford@ranccare.co.uk
T: 01708 379022