We are regularly asked, what should I look for when choosing a home on behalf of a loved one? Choosing a home is, after all, a huge decision and you naturally want to make sure that you choose the right place, first time.

We always suggest you visit as many homes as possible to get an idea of what is available in the area you are considering. Ask lots of questions and also ask yourself, would my loved one feel at home in a place like this?

Here are some points you may wish to think about when you look around a home:

  • Do bedrooms feel spacious and have plenty of amenities, for example a TV and phone point and a nurse call system in each room?
  • Are the lounge areas modern and airy with plenty of places to socialise or to find space to relax alone?
  • Is there a garden and is it easy to access?
  • If the home specialises in Dementia care, is it fully safe?
  • What training do staff receive and what continuing professional development do they undergo?
  • Are GPs, dentists, opticians, chiropodists and hairdressing services available?
  • Are there local pubs, shops and churches, with opportunities for residents to visit?
  • Are there plenty of daily activities provided for residents to choose from?
  • What is the food like – is it home cooked, does it look appetising and is there a good choice at mealtimes?
  • Are residents’ laundry needs managed well?
  • Do residents look happy and well cared for?
  • Is the call system answered quickly or just allowed to ring?
  • Is there plenty of staff interaction with residents?
  • Are residents spoken to politely and treated with dignity and respect?
  • Do staff ask how your loved one would wish to be addressed – Mr/Mrs or first name?
  • Do staff knock before entering a resident’s bedroom?
  • Is the home fully able to manage the particular healthcare needs of your loved one?
  • Do staff ask plenty of questions about your loved one and suggest how the residency can be tailored to meet their individual needs?
  • Does the home welcome the opportunity for your loved one to visit with you, have a meal, meet the other residents and have a look around?
  • Is it conveniently located for visitors?
  • Are visitors welcomed at any time or are there strict visiting times in place?

A well-managed home will certainly not mind you asking plenty of questions and in fact will actively encourage it. Also take time to check out the home’s Care and Quality Commission (CQC) inspection report which is publicly available.

To find out more about our homes, or to arrange a visit, please contact us.

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